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This list corresponds to the list of CONVOLVE deliverables, over the 3 year project. Dates and titles will be updated as needed.

IDDeliverable TitleLeadDelivery
D8.1Project identity set and websiteCLAIM03
D1.1Initial requirements and use casesGNAM06
D2.1Report on the roadmapBOSM06
D3.1Requirements, Threats, and Vulnerabilities AnalysisNXPM06
D4.1Roadmap document for low power, high performance neural networksBOSM06
D4.2Technical requirements for hardware accelerators for neural networksMANM06
D5.1Constraints and opportunities definitionUMUM06
D6.1Modular architecture template definitionETHZM06
D9.2Data Management PlanTUEM06
D8.2Initial Communication plan and reportsCLAIM12
D8.5Initial Dissemination plan and reportCLAIM12
D2.2Intermediate report on the design of the targeted accelerator blocksKULM14
D2.3Intermediate report on the accelerator simulatorTUEM18
D5.2Compiler prototypeUEDM18
D6.2Description of the gen1 performance analysis and DSE frameworkTUEM18
D6.3Description SoC architecture, and the rapid design & prototyping environmentBOSM18
D2.6Neuronal network resiliency analysis and AxC optimisationsICCSM18
D5.5Memory management and allocation for ULP acceleratorsICCSM18
D1.3Update of requirements and use casesVINM20
D8.3Interim Communication plan and reportsCLAIM24
D3.4Component-Based Security Evaluation and AssessmentCICM33
D4.3ANN report on progress in the use of dynamic neuronal networksUIRM33
D4.4SNN report on progress in converting target ANNs into SNNsFMIM33
D5.3Static analysis toolsUMUM33
D5.4Integrated tool-flowUEDM33
D6.4Final integrated modelling, design exploration and generation tool flowKULM33
D7.4Market Gap analysisTASEM36
D8.4Final Communication plan and reportsCLAIM36
D8.6Final Dissemination plan and reportsCLAIM36
D8.6Exploitation plan and business planTASEM36