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CONVOLVE Virtual meeting – 30 May 2023

The CONVOLVE consortium met in online, to to present and discuss the roadmaps created by each o the Work Packages.

During the meeting, each of the Work Package leaders presented and updated overview of the state of the art; their proposed research; dependencies to other Work Packages; the use case requirements; and their research and development plans. This is essential to ensure efficient timelines and maximal collaboration in this ambitious project of 18 partners from academia and industry with strong complementary competences in different levels of design hierarchy.

CONVOLVE Technical meeting – 09/10 February 2023, Leuven

The CONVOLVE consortium met in Leuven, hosted by Katholieke Universiteit Leuven to have in-depth technical discussions and develop a roadmap of different activities. The technical meeting was organized following the two-step development approach proposed by CONVOLVE. The main goal of this meeting was to have discussions on the technical roadmaps and align on the timelines of the different activities, their dependencies, and who will do what.

During the event, different tutorial sessions were organized where each partner presented their tools, research methodology, and future research directions. There were breakout sessions organized for each work package where special attention was given to derive functional and non-functional requirements from the CONVOLVE use cases and make sure that the research activities would fit the ambitious CONVOLVE objectives.

CONVOLVE Kick-off Meeting – 02 November 2022

The CONVOLVE Kick of Meeting, hosted by project coordinator partner University of Technology Eindhoven, was held on 2 & 3 November 2022 and marked the official start of the project.

Starting with an inaugural speech from Robert-Jan Smits, president of University of Technology Eindhoven, the first day encompassed an overview of the main ideas and objectives underlining the CONVOLVE project, as well as introductions from each of the project partners.

Further plenaries were held describing the defined research pillars – ULP building blocks; Smart and dynamic application models; Compositional and fast design-flow – and to the various use cases in audio (high-fidelity audio processing in changing environments), sensor fusion (autonomous driving using edge devices), and video (visual surveillance and identification) that form the basis of the 3 year project.

After lunch on campus at the student run Hubble Café and an afternoon of breakout sessions addressing each of the research pillars, the CONVOLVE partners were treated to a private tour of the Philips Museum and dinner at the University Club.

The second day was a half day and focused on an overview of each work package by the work package leads, a wrap-up session to define action points for the near future of the CONVOLVE project, and closing with lunch at the on campus restaurant / cinema De zwarte Doos.