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Seamless design of Smart Edge Processors

CONVOLVE enforces Europe’s position in the design and development of smart edge-processors, such that it can become a dominant player in the global edge processing market. This requires a holistic approach that will address the whole design stack from application, model, compiler, system architecture, micro architecture, circuit and device.

CONVOLVE will develop a novel framework that allows anyone to deploy a custom designed secure and reliable SoC with 100X energy efficiency for edge AI applications in 10X less design time.

Achieving the key objectives in CONVOLVE will prove their superiority through measurable improvements in 6 KPIs.

The CONVOLVE consortium consists of experts with a proven track record in their respective fields at different levels of design hierarchy.

CONVOLVE is structured into several phases of setting requirements, development, benchmarking, and evaluation, thus allowing for early validation and course corrections if necessary.

CONVOLVE will ensure bringing EU at the right time in the lead for design and marketing of secure smart edge processors.